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Set in the beautifully maintained gardens,

Holy Cross Conference and Retreat Centre offers

a retreat from a noisy and busy world and it’s only a short drive from Melbourne City.

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Our Year 11 Christian Leadership retreat was warmly welcomed and accommodated at Holy Cross. Flexibility in the use of spaces to meet our needs, including the large and small Chapel, and technical facilities to support presentations and small groups. We were incredibly well-fed, and our students enjoyed the meals. We were warm at night (middle of winter) and the whole place had a great community feel.

Julia Wake
Director of Faith and Mission P-12

We want to thank you for your hospitality. We had a most wonderful day at Holy Cross and the students once again can not stop talking about their wonderful day spent there. Especially their chance to enjoy your outdoor space in the sun!”

Sarah Spiteri

We were very fortunate to have Holy Cross Centre as our venue for Shalom English Retreat 2019. We believe this is one of the best places in Melbourne to have a retreat with all the serenity and comfort you could experience. You will find everything you will need at this venue if you are looking for a place to spend time with the Lord – inside the beautiful Chapel or calm and peaceful scenic outdoors.

Jerry Vivera
National Coordinator, Shalom World Australia.

Small is Beautiful is a group made of Religious from smaller congregations who gather yearly at Holy Cross to network, pray and share experiences. As in the past, our 2019 gathering was able to be accommodated through the good work and extraordinary efforts of the whole team at Holy Cross. Their hospitality helped us facilitate the day without stress. The resources (Audio Visual) and gathering spaces always make these days special. Our group always enjoys returning to Holy Cross as they know they won’t be disappointed with the facility.

Sr Lorraine Testa
on behalf of Small is Beautiful gathering

“Thank you for allowing Jesus Youth to use your Centre for our Pentecost Day celebration. We enjoyed the ambience of the venue and your hospitality. We especially appreciate Fr Kevin Hennessy’s kind “meet and greet” gesture. It was truly a blessed day for us. We will surely come back again.”

Shyam CM
Jesus Youth

We hosted our Staff Retreat day at Holy Cross and the venue was ideal. The room we were given was the perfect size, with a beautiful outlook, and had everything we needed. Their hospitality was warm and the lunch tasty! We also appreciated the quiet in the venue. Thanks to all the staff at Holy Cross.

Fr Daniel Serratore
Missionaries of God's Love

Around 30 of us from the Neocatechumenal community of the parish of St. Bernadette’s in North Sunshine came to stay over the weekend in March. We had a beautiful experience in the Holy Cross centre, particularly upon using the Corbett room which had windows overlooking the well-kept gardens which made the wonders of creation more apparent when doing Morning Prayer. The staff were helpful, non-obtrusive while still being very accommodating. The rooms were simple and comfortable enough and the shared bathrooms were immaculate. The cook is also a 5 star! Will definitely be coming back many more times. It is beautiful to have a weekend away with a Catholic community in a Catholic centre, run by actual Christians!

Jonathan Antony
1st Community of North Sunshine