Meet The Team

At Holy Cross, we are blessed to have a dedicated team of Staff and Volunteers who are focused on making your retreat/ conference a fruitful and most rewarding experience.

The Office Staff

Whilst they hold various formal titles, the office staff are here to ensure your stay and experience goes as smoothly as possible.

Mayrose Abraham – Administration and Conference Centre Manager

Cecilia Rogers – Finance Officer

Anna Rabôt – Office and Administration Volunteer

With Gratitude to Vin Molloy – Former Finance Volunteer who still contributes enormously to Holy Cross.

The House keeping staff

These fine young ladies and gentlemen are here to serve you and take care of your needs. They look after everything from carefully preparing your rooms right through to cleaning up after meals. They are key part of the Holy Cross Team.

A Team

The A Team is an extraordinary team comprised of some amazingly talented men who work at Holy Cross each Friday. They strive hard to complete the never-ending list of maintenance jobs. They are a great team ready to dream high with Holy Cross Staff to make the centre the best it can be. They have a great sense of humour and Fridays aren’t the same without them.

John Stretch
Graeme Newcombe
Frank Van den boom
Neville Hacket
Ed Porad

Former A Team members:

Jack Brolly
Late John Chubb
Paul Tobin
Vin Molloy
Noel Spinks
Gerald Wright
The late Stan Wells

The Holy Cross Grounds – Peter Norman

This is Peter. These beautifully maintained grounds of Holy Cross are a credit to Peter Norman and his team who work tirelessly to ensure that it is as inviting as can be. Please take a moment on your visit to Holy Cross to breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the much loved gardens.

St Gabriele’s Team.

Bruno Petrocco and his team have been affiliated with Holy Cross for more than 20 years. They are masterminds behind the elegantly crafted Shrine of  Gabriele’s and much more.