Who are the Passionists?

Holy Cross Centre is home to the Passionists.

The Passionists Logo

We are a group of Christian men, both ordained and non-ordained, who live in community and announce to the men and women of our times the Gospel of Christ. This community of apostles was founded by Paul of the Cross (Paolo Danei 1694-1775) in 1720.

The founder saw in the Passion of Jesus “the greatest work of divine Love” and the revelation of the power of the Resurrection to overcome the forces of evil. He bequeathed to his followers the task of announcing to their contemporaries the love of God for each and every person shown in the passion and death of Jesus who rose victorious on Easter day.

The Passionists make a special promise to promote the memory of the passion of Jesus by word and deed. They do this especially in preaching and various ministries among the poor and the marginalised of every kind, in whom they see the crucified today.

Another characteristic of the Passionists is their life in community. Passionist fraternity means that everything is held in common. Time is given to community prayer and to the contemplative dimension of life. Passionists are active contemplatives who, in a creative way, unite contemplation and an active pastoral life.

There are more than two thousand Passionists in 59 nations in the five continents. They are led by the Superior General who is elected every six years.

As members of an active congregation, every Passionist is encouraged and supported to work in the ministry that he is equipped for and has a keen interest in. Prayer is an important part of not only exercising this ministry but also a part of his way of life for a Passionist.

The characteristics of a Passionist and that of the Congregation is called our Charism. You will be able to find out more about our charism on this page.