The centre offers you a variety of meeting options with its versatile conference and board rooms that look out into the fields, picturesque meeting spaces and modern, multipurpose, tranquil chapels. They can be customised in multiple ways to suit your individual needs.

Corbett Room:

One of our most popular conference rooms which look out onto the picturesque fields. Our guests are welcome to use this space in a variety of ways. From small intimate meditation groups to large annual Conferences, the Corbett Room accommodates from 20 to 85 guests and is fitted with data projector, Smart TV and inbuilt speakers. The Corbett Room is located centrally with easy access to the accommodation wing, The Dining Room, Chapel and the beautiful outdoor gardens.

La Velle Room:

A versatile conference room that provides ample working space for group activities with access to the garden area. Accommodates 10 to 80 guests and is equipped with TV/Video, white-board, data projector and in built speakers. With its elegant timber-floored Kitchenette and glamorous Dining Table, the La Velle is located close to the car park and is very conveniently tucked away next to the accommodation block. The La Velle looks onto the refreshing blue pool and guests can also find the labyrinth in the distance.

Chapter Room:

A picturesque room for 15 – 30 guests, the Chapter Room contains its own Tea and Coffee Station and is equipped with Smart TV with inbuilt sound. It looks out onto the beautiful Green landscapes and provides you with a sense of calm and inner peace.

Morris Room:

Ideal for a formal boardroom meeting occasion or a Breakout space. This room can be used in many ways for various needs. It’s located next to the Office and this multipurpose room can be suited for your needs.


This modern, multipurpose, tranquil Chapel can accommodate 200 guests seated. It is equipped with sound system, digital piano, dual data projectors and screens. Perfect space for retreats and is attached to a small private meditation Chapel.

Meditation Chapel:

A quiet and personal space for small group reflection, meditation and prayer. A wrought iron sculpture on the feature wall surrounds the Tabernacle. The peaceful ambience appeals to all denominations. This room is also used as a viewing room for funerals if required. The Meditation Chapel is a place of spiritual intimacy and serenity. It can accommodate 10 – 15 people comfortably.

Dining Hall as a Conference Room

The dining hall can also be used as a multipurpose conference room. It comfortably seats 100 guests and has audio visual facility.